Silence is Violence

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Public Safety Experiences

We have distilled experiences from our community on how they interact with their communites and the police inforcement in their area. We hope shedding light on individual stories will help us better understand our city and focus our actions into possitive change.

  • co-chair of the Crime Prevention Committee
    The Holy Cross Neighborhood Association has drafted a petition to Gov. Bobby Jindal requesting that the National Guard remain in New Orleans until we have achieved the following goals: 1. NOPD[...]
  • Davey, where are you? call mom
    My 25 year old son and I was best friend we spoke several times daily. He was turning his life around. He was starting a promising new job January 9,[...]
  • NOPD complaint
    April 14, 2008 To Whom It May Concern: At approximately 6:40 p.m. on Monday April 14th, 2008 I was stopped by police at the corner of Sycamore and[...]
    DeLoren Young a 19 year old college student home for Thanksgiving holiday in 2004 was shot and killed driving home from a nightclub in Washington, DC. The man that[...]
  • How can we change the mindset of our youth?
    Hello: I would like to state that what your organization is doing to help the community is great. I was born and raised in the B. W. Cooper housing projects and[...]
  • Where's Lance?
    This is an excerpt from my blog, I'd like to see Silence is Violence help raise awareness about our community apathy in regards to young black men killing each other. Where's[...]
  • sister

    my brother has been missing since january 2,2008 from bogalusa,la, and we cannot seem to get any leads, can someone please help my family?

  • Homeless Man set fire to auto
    A homeless man requested a woman stop parking her car in a certain location of the parking lot in the old funeral home. She did not abide his[...]