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Public Safety Experiences

We have distilled experiences from our community on how they interact with their communites and the police inforcement in their area. We hope shedding light on individual stories will help us better understand our city and focus our actions into possitive change.

The Puzzle and My Ides of March

Date: Thu, Sep. 12, 2013 March 15, 2002 I will never forget it as long as I live. It was the Ides of March which means the middle of March. It started out like any other day except today my baby son of twenty-one flew the coup. He was moving into his own apartment. Secured a job laying tile floors. He was growing up aware of who he was asserting his newfound independence. I was proud and his dad was, too. The night before I even help him furnish his new apartment. It was 3:00 that Friday afternoon when he was leaving our home to go to his new apartment. All of a sudden, his beeper went off, and he said that was his friend. In need of a ride I will never forget when I heard him speak those words the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I felt fear grip both of my shoulders. Something just did not feel right with him being called like that. Or, was I just being an over protective Mother. Just like that he was gone out of the front door. By 5:00 that afternoon one proverbial telephone call changed my life forever. I heard a young man say.”… come to St. Anthony and Robertson because your boy had been hurt…” I don’t think that I drove that day I flew to the scene, and when I reached that corner at least 20 people was outside, and not one person would answer me. I just kept saying, “…Not my boy…” Finally, one gentleman walked up to me and said, “..The ambulance took him to the hospital…“ Immediately, My husband and I went to the hospital not knowing what to expect. Maybe he was just grazed by a stray bullet. I can bring him home nurse him to health, and he could continue on with his life. My footsteps began to become long slow strides, and my whole body was shaking. I felt like I had just chewed and swallowed glass. My stomach was hurting, and I knew with all of this that things was not going to go well. Reaching the hospital I was met with one of the doctor’s, “…Two were shot one worst than the other…” I then, with a brave heart said, “…God give and God Take it away blessed be his holy name…“ I just kept praying until I asked for strength and Faith to except this. Then, I made Peace the Doctor walked in and told me that my son had expired. It felt like someone broke every bone in my body and handed them back to me. After a few deep and I mean very deep breaths I was ready to go see his face for the last time at twenty one my beautiful son was gone. Someone woke up that day and decided that my son would not live to see another day how horrible how excruciating painful it is that any Mother would have to suffer this wrong.. Today, I am in another space, and I know that God spared me because I don’t know about any other Mother’s but seeing my son as a paraplegic or quadriplegic would have been gut wrenching knowing that for the rest of his life he would live out his life in diapers. I found somewhere in me to except this cruel lesson in life. Now, I celebrate Mother’s day very different knowing that I had Ron Anthony for twenty one great years, I received my Master's degree this summer, and that my other son and grandson is doing great, I celebrate, I celebrate, I celebrate...
Picking up the Puzzle Pieces