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Public Safety Experiences

We have distilled experiences from our community on how they interact with their communites and the police inforcement in their area. We hope shedding light on individual stories will help us better understand our city and focus our actions into possitive change.

co-chair of the Crime Prevention Committee

Date: Wed, May. 28, 2008 The Holy Cross Neighborhood Association has drafted a petition to Gov. Bobby Jindal requesting that the National Guard remain in New Orleans until we have achieved the following goals:

1. NOPD sub stations are rebuilt and staffed in all the storm-affected areas of the city.
2. The number of NOPD officers reaches pre-storm levels.
3. FBI crime statistics show a decrease in the city’s violent crime rates.

As of May 5th, the Guard is expected to launch a phased withdrawal from New Orleans beginning in June. Under the current plan, the guard will be gone by this fall. As crime rates continue to skyrocket post-Katrina, this scenario will leave all the city's residents in even greater danger.

If you agree that we can't afford to let the guard go until the above benchmarks are met, please read the full letter to Gov. Jindal and sign the petition to Keep the Guard in NOLA at:

Thank you. With your support we can bring change.