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SilenceIsViolence partners with many community businesses and organizations to bring uplifting and thereputic events to our community.

  • July 31 update
    JHi, everyone: The final installment of our summer Youth Music Clinics takes place this evening, from 6 to 8pm, at Sound Cafe (2700 Chartres St. in the Marigny). Thanks[...]
  • July 26th Weekly Update!
    Hi, everyone... It has been frustrating, over the past two weeks, to watch the the degeneration of an issue that should be perfectly unifying, if tragically so, into a political squabble. In[...]
  • July 20 weekly update
    July 20, 2007 In the midst of all the politicking, and fingerpointing, and chaos that has been swirling around District Attorney Eddie Jordan and his office recently, we are writing to[...]
  • Press Release July 13: Eddie Jordan
    July 13, 2007 A statement regarding recent news surrounding the District Attorney: Two days ago, we sent an open letter to Mayor Nagin letting him know that our organization is not satisfied[...]
    Dear Mayor Nagin, Six months ago, you stood and listened while the citizens of New Orleans told you how we felt about the violent crime crisis in our city. [...]
  • SPEAK UP on the 6-month anniversary of the March
    July 11, 2007 CALL, EMAIL, OR WRITE TO CITY LEADERS THIS WEEK! This week marks the six-month anniversary of the March to City Hall that inaugurated the SilenceIsViolence movement. On January[...]
  • July 3rd Weekly Update!
    Hi, everyone... When we wrote to you last week, we were awaiting a hearing in the Dinerral Shavers case, and we promised to update you on both Dinerral's and Helen Hill's[...]
  • A statement regarding the dismissal of the Dinerral Shavers murder case
    Dear Friends, Like many of you, we were shocked and disappointed--if not surprised--by the prosecutor's decision this morning to dismiss the case against David Bonds, the accused murderer of Dinerral Shavers.[...]
  • June 27th Weekly Update!
    Hi, everyone... The heartbreaking death of Kenner four-year old Theard Compton has forced to the foreground one of the original issues highlighted by SilenceIsViolence when we began work in January: Gun Safety, Gun Responsibility.[...]
  • June 14th Weekly Update!!!
    Dear Friends, The news this week is as grim as the heat is high. At times like these, we need to come together in our communities, among friends, and remember to take[...]