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January 11, 2007 - January 11, 2017: Plans

Date: Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 We are preparing for SilenceIsViolence's 10th annual memorial for victims of violence, and we wanted to send you the final details for tomorrow.

Ten years ago, thousands of us united from neighborhoods across New Orleans and marched to City Hall, where we gave vent to grief, frustration, and fury at the seemingly unchecked violence that gripped our city. Tomorrow we will gather in much smaller numbers, and with a much quieter purpose: to remember, somberly and respectfully, those we have lost to violence from among our families, friends, and community members.

Beginning at 9am, on the steps of City Hall, we will read 2,097 names. Each name is a life - not a statistic, but an individual existence, with loves and family and fears and hopes - taken by homicide in New Orleans since we first convened on January 11, 2007.

Pastor Jamaal Weathersby of New Hope Baptist Church, successor to Pastor John Raphael who offered our first benediction, will open the memorial with a blessing. Artist Mitchell Gaudet, who has undertaken to remember each local homicide victim individually through art, will display his memorial work. The founders of SilenceIsViolence, with today's staff and partners from every sector, will participate in reading names.

We will be there for quite awhile - probably until lunchtime at least. If you cannot stay with us all morning, stop by for a portion of the ceremony. Help us read names and remember why we cannot give up this effort.

And then we will all go back to work, and to the daily pursuit of greater safety, more caring, and a better city.

The mission of SilenceIsViolence is to work toward a safe and equitable New Orleans. We provide direct victim services, creative youth engagement, and public advocacy, working with clients and partners in every sector to achieve safe, just, and thriving communities.
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