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Date: Fri, Jan. 13, 2017 “SilenceIsViolence listened. SilenceIsViolence cared. And only SilenceIsViolence got the information and support we needed.”

This was one of our clients last month, when New Orleans public agencies couldn’t help her with the crushing challenges she faced following her son’s murder. Over the holidays, when victims of violence and their families need us most, SilenceIsViolence will be available around the clock.

Please make an online contribution to SilenceIsViolence today and help us support local families over the next two weeks. Your gift can pay for grief support and holiday gifts for a mourning family. It is also a crucial means of taking care of the caretakers: the six members of the SilenceIsViolence team who work tirelessly each day, under increasingly stressful circumstances, to assess and address the needs of victims in New Orleans.

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more makes a tremendous difference. Tenth anniversary sponsorships ($1,000) help to guarantee our work as we enter our second decade of service.


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The mission of SilenceIsViolence is to work toward a safe and equitable New Orleans. We provide direct victim services, creative youth engagement, and public advocacy, working with clients and partners in every sector to achieve safe, just, and thriving communities.

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