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SilenceIsViolence partners with many community businesses and organizations to bring uplifting and thereputic events to our community.

May 17th Weekly Update!

Date: Fri, May. 18, 2007 Hi, everyone...

Interesting news aired this week: Fox is planning a television series
based on New Orleans cops. The very possibility of this series
indicates the continuing national interest in our city's struggles.
As crime continues to spiral out of control, while financial
circumstances deteriorate for many residents waiting for Road Home
dollars that seem ever more illusory, New Orleans has become the focus
of morbid fascination for many Americans living in more conventional
urban settings. It is not our job, however, to sugar-coat with
cosmetic or rhetorical fixes the bitter image they are forming of New
Orleans. Rather, it is our job, while all eyes are still upon us, to
make New Orleans actually better, to change the fundamental character
of the image before their very eyes. As even one of the producers of
the fictional "K-Ville" noted: "If you want rebuild a city, where do
you begin? It begins with protecting its citizens and making them
feel secure."

The raid of Elliott's Gun Shop of Jefferson Parish, reported in the
headline of today's Times-Picayune, signifies real change. This store
was the source for guns used in well over a hundred murders over the
past several years, in addition to many hundreds of drug crimes. Gun
purchasing laws and regulations were treated very casually at
Elliott's, and even the methods of acquiring guns for sale involved
often unethical business dealings. If authorities begin to close in
on the sources for guns used in violent crimes, to track and evaluate
the histories of guns that wind up on murder scenes, they will be much
better situated to solve and eventually prevent many gun crimes. We
are grateful for the continued forceful federal presence in New
Orleans and for the work of the ATF investigators who shut down

We as citizens must also continue to find our own ways to speak up
against violence and divisions in our city and to enact changes in our
neighborhoods. Last week, the New Orleans Bayou Steppers Social Aid
and Pleasure Club led the way by hosting the weekly SilenceIsViolence
City Walk, with a walk through the Marigny and Treme neighborhoods and
a reception at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge. This week, the
City Walk will return to Ernie K-Doe's, departing at 7pm and taking us
through the French Quarter and into the Central Business District.
The full route is as follows:

City Walk #5: Sunday, May 20: Treme , the French Quarter, and the CBD
START: 7pm SHARP at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge (1500 N.
Claiborne Ave.). Walk up Claiborne to Esplanade Ave.; turn LEFT onto
Esplanade, RIGHT onto N. Robertson, and LEFT onto Gov. Nicholls St.
Turn RIGHT past St. Augustine Church onto St. Claude Ave. and LEFT
onto St. Philip St. Turn RIGHT onto N. Rampart St. and proceed past
Armstrong Park. Turn LEFT onto St. Louis St. and RIGHT onto Bourbon
St. Proceed across Canal St.; STOP at Dominic's (219 Carondelet St.)
Reception and music.

With summer setting in and more and more people seeking weekend
escapes from the city, we are considering shifting the weekly City
Walks to Thursday evenings instead of Sundays. Please write to us at and let us know which of these evenings
is better for you.

In addition, mark June 6th on your calendar for a special showcase at
Sound Cafe featuring students from both Frederick Douglass and Rabouin
high school sharing words and music from 4-7pm.

As always, details about these and other SilenceIsViolence plans and
programs can be found on our website, www.
Keep in touch, and we look forward to seeking you this Sunday evening
for the City Walk to the CBD