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Date: Thu, Jan. 24, 2013 On Friday, this year's STRIKE AGAINST CRIME week comes to a close with the annual SilenceIsViolence victims memorial in front of City Hall. Each year, we remember how our effort was founded, with thousands of New Orleanians gathering at City Hall to decry, in unity, the loss of our neighbors to violence. Since that first March for Survival and rally at City Hall on January 11, 2007, we have reconvened each year to honor each victim of homicide during the intervening 12 months, and to renew our dedication to the cause of peace and justice for ALL New Orleanians.

It has been a beautiful week of community, love, grieving, peace, and reflection. Tomorrow, we will gather to remind our city leadership and ourselves that the real work of peace begins anew each day, on behalf of each victim and each family seeking to protect its children. We invite all New Orleanians to join us for this annual tradition of unity and memorial.

Friday, January 25, 11am: Photo Day/ Pinwheel Speak Out

City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street