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SilenceIsViolence partners with many community businesses and organizations to bring uplifting and thereputic events to our community.

Annual Community Picnic

Date: Tue, Feb. 07, 2012 After a week of discussing crime and solutions, walking for peace through the neighborhoods of New Orleans, and especially remembering victims of violence in our city, the 2012 STRIKE AGAINST CRIME culminates today in a Community Picnic at Lyons Playground. The Original Prince of Wales Social Aid and Pleasure Club will lead a peace walk to the event; arts groups including YAYA and the Children's Museum will provide activities; and district police and fire fighters will take part, reaching out to young people about safety. Special thanks to Breaux Mart and Whole Foods for donating king cake and water to this event!

So bring the family to Lyons Playground between 12 and 3pm today for fun and community healing!

Strike Against Crime Week comes to a close with this Community Picnic, but the energy and determination to continue working for peace across New Orleans must continue. Even as we have gathered and spoken out against violence this week, we have lost more of our neighbors to the crisis:
Gerald Barnes, Jr. (21 years old), Eric Robinson (41), Kerry Johnson (41), Percy Pruitt (19), Harry "Mike" Ainsworth (44), Joseph Evans (41), Joseph Elliot (17), Harry Howard (34), Derrick Howard (25), Darryl C. Long (26), Kenyatta Woolridge (37), Joseph Harris (28), Lamont Phillips (34), Gerald Andry (49), Reyland Berry (60), Troy Leslie (37), Keishuane Keppard (20), Michael Johnson (21), and at least three victims from the past few days who have not yet been identified have already been killed in New Orleans in 2012.

It is a shocking, shameful list of individual lives lost--and each life was surrounded by friends, family, and neighborhoods that will never be quite the same. Let's be sure that the Strike Against Crime marks the beginning of a year of engagement, and that each of us does whatever we can to help heal our bleeding city.

Join us this afternoon to build some positive energy, to face the work that must be done.
Lyons Playground, Delachaise at Tchoupitoulas