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Victims Memorial

Date: Tue, Feb. 07, 2012 Tomorrow, Friday January 27, we will gather at noon in front of City Hall to memorialize our fellow New Orleanians who have been lost to homicide during the past year. It is a somber but important annual tradition of SilenceIsViolence to summon attention to each life lost, each family torn apart, each community trauma that afflicts our city. Before the memorial we will offer commendations to some citizens and entities that have served as examples of compassion and constructive engagement on behalf of victims this past year, and we will present preliminary findings of our Victim Allies Project from 2011.

This evening, the Strike Against Crime continues with a Peace Walk in honor of two victims of violence: Ralph Bias and Eula Mae Butler Ivey. Mr. Bias was 20 years old, a computer-savvy graduate of Cohen High School, when he was shot in his car during a drive-by shooting just one year ago. The day after his death, as his shocked family tried to begin funeral arrangements they never thought they would have to make, another blow came: Ralph had been accidentally cremated at the order of the coroner's office. He would become one of far too many bright young men claimed by violence in the city during 2011.

Eula Mae Butler Ivey was 55 years old, a fixture in her Pigeon Town neighborhood, and a caring mother and grandmother. Her 15-year-old grandson had been the victim of a shooting but survived, and Eula Mae urged him to testify in court against his attackers. When her grandson complied with his grandmother's request, the family encountered more tragedy: He was shot again shortly after returning home from the courtroom. Eula Mae, also at home at the time, was shot as well, fatally.

Please join SilenceIsViolence and the Pigeon Town Steppers as we remember Ralph and Eula Mae this evening. Their stories symbolize the unthinkable losses that families across New Orleans are suffering every day.

Thursday, January 26: Peace Walk, 6pm, starting at Harrell Park (Leonidas and Claiborne).
Friday, January 27: Annual Victims Memorial, 12 Noon, steps of City Hall.
Saturday, January 28: Peace Walk and Community Picnic, Lyons Playground (Tchoupitoulas and Delachaise), 12-3pm.

For more information please visit or call (504) 948-0917.