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BREAKING THE CODE OF SILENCE: Public Forum Wednesday Jan 25

Date: Wed, Jan. 25, 2012 BREAKING THE CODE OF SILENCE: Strike Day 3

This evening, Clark Prep High School and SilenceIsViolence co-host a forum on the topic "Breaking the Code of Silence--Engaging in Solutions." The forum will call upon all members of our community--students, cops, and ALL of us--to think about what we can do to "break the code of silence" that condones and fuels violence in New Orleans.

Presenters: Mike Quinn, retired Sergeant from the Minneapolis Police Department, will present his acclaimed work on the subject of police transparency and intervention. Students from Clark School will discuss their experiences and insights into opportunities for youth intervention and engagement in healing communities. And the Independent Police Monitor will speak to the mutual legal rights and responsibilities of citizens and cops working together to make the city safer.

Please join us for a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives on a daunting problem. It is our hope that this evening's forum will prove the starting point for probing and creative conversations about each New Orleanian's potential to impact public safety in the short-term and the long-term.
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