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Strike Update Monday; Moses Frith

Date: Wed, Jan. 25, 2012 STRIKE AGAINST CRIME 2012
Update January 21

On Friday, a pre-Strike field trip to Art House on the Levee engaged the SilenceIsViolence staff, volunteers, and students from our Cohen High School Peace Clubs in healing creative expression. The experience helped to prepare us for a week's worth of activities to counter the culture of violence in New Orleans during the STRIKE AGAINST CRIME, January 23-28. As shootings and homicides continue to escalate across our city, the active engagement of all citizens is needed. Please join us, or send us news about your own activities, as we intensify these efforts next week.

The latest Strike calendar is posted below. Meanwhile, we want to share the story of Moses Frith, who was shot and paralyzed on December 15 in the parking lot of Wendy's in the 1300 block of St. Charles Avenue. On December 23, he died of his wounds. Mr Frith had made many mistakes as a youth, and had served 10 years in prison paying his debt to society. He had just been released, and was seeking to rebuild his life, when he was killed. Following Mr. Frith's death on December 23, his family has received no contact from the NOPD to date, and it is unclear whether the case is being investigated at all. We do not know, nor apparently are likely to find out, whether Mr. Frith's death was related to his past. His sister is desperately trying to pursue justice in her brother's memory--thus far, a frustrated effort.

We tell Mr. Frith's story as part of our continuing effort to counter the NOPD's destructive criminalization of victims of violence, which is worsening the schism between cops and citizens. We call for the immediate cessation of the posting of arrest records of those who are injured or killed by violence in our city, and for an approach to law enforcement that includes respect for every life, and justice for every citizen in our city.

Please email us at, or call (504) 948-0917, for more information about our victim advocacy efforts and next week's Strike Against Crime. Here is the current calendar:

Pre-Strike: Friday, January 20: 
Students from the Cohen High School SilenceIsViolence Peace Club counter the culture of violence through creative expression. Art House on the Levee, 4725 Dauphine Street, 10am-noon.
Strike Week Activities:
Monday, January 23: 
Crime Happened Here public awareness campaign begins. City-wide.
Memorial for Kedrick Morris. Bullard and Dwyer, New Orleans East, 6pm.
Tuesday, January 24: 
SilenceIsViolence Music Clinics and Peace Coconut painting session. Visual arts, word art, and music. SilenceIsViolence headquarters, 2700 Chartres Street, 5:30-7:30pm.
Wednesday, January 25:
 Public Forum: "Breaking the Code of Silence-Engaging in Solutions." Featuring Mike Quinn, Ursula Price, and the students of Clark School. Clark Prep High School, 1301 N. Derbigny Street, 5pm-8pm.
Thursday, January 26:
 Uptown Peace Walk, in memory of Eula Mae Butler Ivey and Ralph Bias, Jr. START: Harrell Park, Claiborne at Leonidas, 6pm.
Friday, January 27: 
Annual Victims Memorial, City Hall New Orleans, Noon.
Saturday, January 28: 
Community Picnic. Featuring Peace Walk by the Original Prince of Wales Social Aid and Pleasure Club; police vs. firefighters flag football match; face-painting by YAYA; bubble maker by the Louisiana Children's Museum; water courtesy of Breaux Mart; and king cake thanks to Whole Foods Market. Lyons Playground, Tchoupitoulas at Delachaise, 12pm-3pm.

Thank you for your support and participation!