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Community Crime Meeting December 21

Date: Fri, Jan. 06, 2012 The City Council Crime Committee meeting, regularly scheduled for earlier today, has been postponed until January 4. Given the urgent nature of the crime problem in New Orleans, members of the community together with WBOK AM radio have called a special meeting for this evening at 6pm in City Council Chambers, City Hall New Orleans. Concerned members of the City Council will also attend.

This evening's meeting will raise questions regarding the upward trending crime, particularly violent crime, in our city. We will consider the roles, responsibilities, and performance of those responsible for protecting us and securing public safety. All are welcome.

Also today, we received welcome news of arrests made in the tragic murder of 2-year-old Keira Holmes earlier this week. Given the prior criminal records of those arrested, however, our next concern must become whether investigation and prosecution practices in Orleans Parish are equal to the task of securing appropriate convictions in this case. Despite substantial criminal activity in the past, the individuals currently under arrest have been allowed to go free several times before, leading to the events that resulted in Keira's death.

Please join us in City Council chambers at 6pm tonight, Wednesday December 21, to discuss all of these pressing issues.