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Community Discussion Nov. 3

Date: Wed, Nov. 02, 2011 A city out of control. A police force on edge, struggling to stem the tide of violence. This is the frightening reality we are living within. It is also a radioactive recipe for further tragedy, as a police department desperate to exercise some degree of control also struggles to maintain composure in everyday interactions and confrontations with its citizens.

Clearly the community and the NOPD need to work together more effectively. Tomorrow evening, SilenceIsViolence will partner with the Office of the Independent Police Monitor to discuss the relationship between New Orleanians and our cops, at Sound Cafe in the Marigny. Representatives from the IPM will present suggestions for supporting the effectiveness of the NOPD, as well as critical information about each citizenís rights when confronted by the police.

When violence can happen as brazenly and carelessly as it did this week in the French Quarter and throughout New Orleans, we must look to the malfunctioning of our police department: the NOPD is not currently moving us in the direction of safety. We look, also, to the social failings of this city: we are not empowering or motivating residents to take care of our families and each other. And we look for a culture of respect: respect for every life, and for the delicate relationships between officials and residents that must serve the needs and safety of every citizen.

Tomorrow evening, join SilenceIsViolence and the Independent Police Monitor at Sound Cafe to discuss the relationship between citizens and police officers, both the opportunities and the limitations of our mutual interactions. Learn about the laws, policies, and procedures that every cop and citizen must adhere to, as we all try to make our city safer, together.

Rights and Responsibilities when Encountering New Orleans Police

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sound Cafe, 2700 Chartres Street, in the Marigny

For more information, contact Ursula Price: (504) 681-3223.