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A Beautiful Walk Against Corruption!

Date: Sat, Jun. 04, 2011 Congratulations to Gerod Stevens and WBOK AM on a beautiful Walk Against Corruption and rally at City Hall this morning. Record-breaking heat did not dissuade hundreds of participants from all over New Orleans, carrying this clear message: Corruption on the part of our public officials will not be tolerated on any level or in any sphere. While the day's focal point was Ronal Serpas and the public's lack of confidence in his ability to change the culture of the NOPD, the sentiments of the energized crowd clearly extended to all of our leaders, including the Mayor. Neither Mayor Landrieu nor any representative from his office was present, despite having been invited to join his citizens today in denouncing corruption.

Several speakers made the point that the "Walk" begun today did not end at the steps of City Hall. It is an ongoing journey, which we as a community will lead if our public officials are not prepared to do so, toward a city managed with integrity, clarity, and respect for the voices of all its citizens. Stay tuned as the movement continues.