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Walk Against Corruption Saturday June 4

Date: Sat, Jun. 04, 2011 Tomorrow morning, Saturday June 4, Gerod Stevens of WBOK AM will lead a "Walk Against Corruption" that he has been organizing for several weeks now. The walk will begin at 10am at the foot of Canal Street and end at City Hall, where several community representatives will speak. Mayor Landrieu has been invited by the organizers to attend the walk and community gathering afterwards, and we truly hope that he will balance this event with his other obligations for the day. Corruption is one issue that has no sides: Everyone knows how damaging the culture of corruption has been to New Orleans for many years and generations, and everyone can unite in denouncing it and calling for a new standard of integrity among our public officials.

Details about Saturday's walk are listed under "Community Voice" on the SilenceIsViolence website:

Corruption is also one among several concerns recently raised by SilenceIsViolence regarding current NOPD management and the ability of Chief Serpas to break long-standing destructive cycles within that agency. While we do not doubt the determination of Chief Serpas to serve and protect the citizens of New Orleans, we do question whether he is in a position to do so. You can read more about our concerns, and the petition we have helped circulate asking Mayor Landrieu to replace Chief Serpas, at

The petition to replace Serpas is also available for signatures online at