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SilenceIsViolence partners with many community businesses and organizations to bring uplifting and thereputic events to our community.


Date: Wed, Jan. 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011


This evening, SilenceIsViolence will partner with law enforcement in Jefferson Parish to hold a peace rally at the Tallowtree Community Center in Harvey. As we continue to seek community-based responses to the violence in New Orleans, we realize that our community often breaches parish lines. We look forward to this first-ever chance to work with Jefferson Parish.

Throughout the week, we will hold additional anti-violence events in Orleans Parish, as part of our annual Strike Against Crime public awareness and public engagement project. We also will send descriptions of our ongoing programs, through which we seek to make some small difference in countering the culture of violence.

No one program, approach, or perspective can solve the riddle of violence against each other, and the tragedy of the losses borne by our families and neighbors. We don’t expect to find the solution to these crushing problems this week. But we do call for each citizen to find words and actions that address the violence in ways that resonate in your own lives. Nobody can make the difference alone, but together, through the collective purpose and power of our individual acts, we can and must make a difference.

Tomorrow evening, we will hold a community meeting at Sound Cafe to hear your input and prepare for this Friday. Then on Friday, January 28 we will march to City Hall and, as we do each January, memorialize the victims of violence in our city during the past year. Please visit for details about the events throughout the week, and please join in a week of community focus upon the violence plaguing our city, and the community’s power to bring change.