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Sylvanie WIlliams Peace Vigil

Date: Sat, Oct. 02, 2010

August 30, 2010

The ambitious New Orleans College Prep (Sylvanie Williams) school in Central City has won accolades since its 2006 founding for its successful work in students' lives and intellects. Yet like so many positive entities in New Orleans, the school has been hit hard by the violence in our streets. In the past eight months, there have been two shootings directly in front of the school; last week, two young men were shot and killed right outside the school cafeteria during school hours.

The parents, students, and teachers at Sylvanie Williams are fed up with these senseless affronts. Tomorrow evening, the school's administration will lead a Peace Vigil outside the school to send a message to the entire community about the school's dedication to anti-violence in Central City. Please see below for details, and join SilenceIsViolence in attending this event to show support and to add your voices to the message of peace.

Sylvanie Williams

Vigil for Peace

Tuesday, August 31, 7:30pm

Description: At Sylvanie Williams School 3127 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd      Description: cid:image003.jpg@01CB453E.E0BAF9B0

We must stand as one voice against violence. Let the city know we will keep our schools and our community safe!

The loss of two community members on S. Roman in the middle of a school day was an act of senseless violence.  Take a stand for peace around our school building so our children can learn and go to college!